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Grand County Pet Pals is the supportive arm of the Grand County Animal Shelter. Your donation will be used in the following ways:

Pet Pals donations

* A donation of $50 allows Pet Pals to bring a professional dog trainer to the shelter for one day to train dogs to increase their chances of being adopted.
* A donation of $100 will cover 1/8 of the annual wellness and grooming expenses for dogs and cats in the shelter.
* A donation of $150 allows Pet Pals to provide one spay/neuter voucher to local pet owners in need.
* A generous donation of $500 covers 1/3 of the vaccination expenses for the year.
* Any size donation helps to maintain the Bark Park in Granby – estimated at $2,000/year.
* Any size donation will help us start a fund for a new shelter. We are running out of space at the shelter and would love an acquaintance room for our shelter animals and adopters.

Click here to donate today! You can also make a donation in honor or in memory of a loved one.