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Grand County Pet Pals
(GCPP) wishes to thank the following
organizations for their support of our mission to promote responsible pet stewardship.


Thanks to Winter Park Resort for teaming up with Pet Pals to offer the Winter Park Pet Pass program for the 2022/2023 season. Winter Park Resort was able to donate $1,276 to Pet Pals from this program this season!

The Town of Winter Park awarded us $1,500 for our Spay and Neuter Program. This was used to fund 10 vouchers at $150 each that were distributed to our residents of Grand County. We so appreciate their faithful support of GCPP.

The Animal Assistance Foundation awarded GCPP a $3,000 grant for spay/neuter expenses and medical needs.

On 12/22, the Guinness-Dunn Foundation granted us funds for metal roofing for dog pens and for new dog houses.

Another very faithful organization helping us with our mission, for many years, is The Forte Foundation. They have been awarding us $2,500 for many years and it is an unrestricted award that helps us very much with our operational expenses. This allows us to spend more on our mission! Thank you Cheryl Forte!

The Grand Foundation has been a wonderful supporter of GCPP for many years. In 2020, we were awarded $2,500 for our Spay and Neuter Program. This will be used to distribute 17 vouchers to the residents of Grand County. In the past, they were instrumental in providing money for new cat condos at the Shelter. We are so appreciative of their continued support.

The Pedigree Foundation awarded us funds in 2020 for a COVID-19 Disaster Relief Grant. We were awarded funds to help the Grand County Animal Shelter purchase pet supplies, provide wellness and grooming expenses to the shelter dogs, pay for professional services such as our professional dog trainer, and provide more spay/neuter vouchers to local pet owners in need.

A “thank you” must also go to our supporters at the Fraser Valley Lions Club Foundation. In 2019, they awarded us $2,100 to bring a professional dog trainer to the shelter to provide training and socialization skills to the dogs to make them more adoptable.

We are a proud partner of BISSELL Pet Foundation Partners for Pets! BISSELL Pet Foundation’s Partners for Pets program is designed to support shelters, rescue groups and spay/neuter organizations that are helping to reduce pet overpopulation across the United States. We thank BISSELL Pet Foundation for a 2020 grant award for our Ongoing Spay/Neuter Program!

In 2019, the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund and Animal Assistance Foundation awarded us much needed funds to supporting our Ongoing Spay/Neuter voucher program.

And in addition to these grantors,

we would like to also thank the many wonderful

individuals who consistently support GCPP with

their kind and generous contributions!

Without you, we could not do what we do for our furry friends!