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About Grand County Pet Pals

Grand County Pet Pals (GCPP) was established in 1993 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to assisting the Grand County Animal Shelter (referred in this plan as the Shelter) with its spay/neuter program and to avoid euthanizing adoptable animals.

Today, GCPP has several programs to fulfill its mission of promoting good stewardship and compassion for animals within Grand County. Funds are raised to provide 100% spay/neuter and veterinary care for all animals at the Shelter as well as affordable spay and neuter assistance to pet owners with financial need through a voucher program. In 2014, a Good Samaritan Fund was formally established to provide one-time charitable care at private veterinary practices within Grand County to pet owners with financial need.

In addition to the Spay/Neuter and Good Samaritan programs, GCPP engages in the following:

  • Providing the Shelter with funds for leashes, collars, kitty litter, toys, treats and starter kits for new adopters.
  • Funding wellness and urgent veterinary care for adoptable animals at the Shelter.
  • Purchasing educational materials on good animal stewardship to be shared at schools and other events.
  • Providing Emergency Preparedness Kits for Pets.

We gain support through general and memorial donations, grants, and donation boxes displayed at many Grand County businesses. In addition, we conduct fundraising events such as a biennial Doggie Dash fun run/walk, Pet Pictures with Santa, a Nordic ski event and more, as we do not receive County, State or Federal funding.

About the Grand County Animal Shelter

The Grand County Animal Shelter promotes and protects public safety and animal care through sheltering, pet placement programs, education, and animal law enforcement. The Shelter’s purpose is to provide responsive, efficient, and high-quality animal care and control services that preserve and protect public and animal safety. The Shelter is a small facility, with 3 full-time animal care and control officers, that falls under the jurisdiction of the Grand County Sheriff’s Office. There are 12 outdoor dog runs, 12 indoor dog kennels and two cat rooms with a maximum capacity for 12 dogs and 18 cats.

Annual Meeting Agenda Item: Amendment to the Bylaws and an Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation

At the upcoming Pet Pals Annual Meeting in July, the members will be voting to accept the Amendment to the Bylaws and an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation. Click here to view the proposed Amendment to the Bylaws. The amendment to the Article of Incorporation applies to the major change in the Bylaws, with the changed sentence will be as follows: Paragraph Three is deleted in the Articles of Incorporation of Grand County Pet Pals. The Corporation will no longer have members.

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Jennifer Gelbhaus, President

Sarah Ryan – Vice President

Mary Ann Kerstiens, Treasurer

Jeri Peirce, Secretary

Mara Erlandson, Member at Large

Kristen Rybij, Member at Large

Becky Allison, Member at Large

Heather Williams, Member at Large

Kristie Delay, Member at Large

Lori Orzech, Member at Large

Charlotte Perry, Member at Large


Heather Corcoran

Mary Ann Kerstiens

Robbin Stapleton